How to Install Washer/Dryer Pedestals

Matt was in one of his "let's go out and buy something and do a big project" moods on Thursday night, so after teaching kindergarteners for 7 hours, I hopped in the car and we headed to Best Buy to pick up our new pedestals.  (Note: I was still wearing my dress pants and high heels at this point.)  The tricky part is that we bought these AFTER the washer/dryer were already in place.  It involved a little bit more work than if we had just bought them along with the washer/dryer.  We decided to get them because we're both tall and there was a lot of bending involved when doing a load of laundry in our front-loading machines.  My back already hurts sometimes because I have a slight case of scoliosis (random, I know) AND I basically stand/walk all day.....so bending down to put clothes in the washer, bending down to switch from washer to dryer, then bending down to pull them out of the dryer was not exactly my idea of a fun time.

On the way to Best Buy, and on the way home, I was thinking "Um....how exactly are we going to hoist those giant suckers on top of these pedestals by OURSELVES?" (I was still wearing my dress pants and heels, after all.  Not to mention that I'm the biggest girly girl around....)   but, like the wonderful wifey that I am, I just smiled and followed along!

We then began the silliest project of all time, and I decided that I should probably write a tutorial for all of you other wonderful wives that may find yourselves involved in a similar situation in the near future.  Please enjoy.  :)

How to Install Washer/Dryer Pedestals  (read: How to Watch Your Husband Install Washer/Dryer Pedestals) 
1) Get them out of the box.  Take pictures for the blog....and because you promised to take more pictures in 2011.

 Goodbye, clean house. 

Hello, new friend. 

2) Doodle around and waste time by changing clothes and "acting busy" while Matt unhooks the dryer from the wall and begins to push it out of the laundry room and into the hallway by himself.   Run by and snap a quick picture before he gets angry and realizes you are contributing absolutely nothing to this project.  
3) Get the mop and vacuum.  Bring them upstairs.  Pat yourself on the back.  Change into a tank top because you're so hot from all of the physical exertion.  :) 
4) Stare at the disgusting spot where the dryer used to be.  

5) Vacuum up 2 years' worth of dust.  Bust out the Clorox mop and watch it do its thang.  Wipe the sweat off your brow.  
6) Now comes the fun part! You know....the part when Matt realizes the washer is MUCH heavier than the dryer and that his wimpy wifey is probably not up to the challenge and that MAYYYYBE tonight wasn't the best night for such a labor-intensive project.  He slowly but surely wiggled the washer out of its place by himself.  I watched.  And photographed.  And then I grabbed the phone so we could call for reinforcements (aka his stepdad who lives up the street).  Oh, sorry.....back to the step-by-step tutorial:

7) Call your father in law.  Cry because he doesn't answer and this probably means you will have to lift a washing machine up 15 inches off the floor in order to hoist it on top of a pedestal.   Stand upstairs and silently watch Matt move things around.  Wonder whose idea it was to buy those stupid things anyway.
8) Shriek in disgust as you discover that it's even MORE filthy behind the washer than it was behind the dryer.  Photograph the dead bug for the world to see.
9)  Periodically hand Matt a screwdriver or a paper towel.  
10) Make completely obvious statements like, "Wow - That looks heavy!" or "Hey, it's a dead bug!" or "It's going to scrape the wall!" 
11) Answer the phone and realize your father in law is at a basketball game.  Womp womp.  Tell him we'll just do as much as we can and finish up on the weekend when his manly muscles are available.
12) Realize that Matt unhooked some sort of water hose while you were chatting on the phone and run to his rescue with a giant pink cup! 
13) Love your husband for being a genius and thinking up the best idea ever - Flip the dryer on its side, attach the pedestal, then flip it upright.  Feel proud when your husband gives you a tiny role in the "flipping up" process.  
14) Try not to completely freak out when you discover that the front door of the dryer is now MAJORLY scratched. :( :(  Love your husband for knowing that you will not stand for this and for comforting you in a time of need.  Love him even more for saying, "I bet you can replace that piece easily" and hope he's right! 

Um....don't mind the sheets....? Apparently they were in there the whole time! 

15) Do more silent standing/watching while Matt painstakingly moves the washer/dryer back into their home.  Really wish you could go sit on the couch and catch up on blog posts (because, let's face it - you aren't doing anything at all), but stay upstairs for moral support.  

16) Call it a night.  Realize that Matt only has enough boxers to make it to Saturday and the washer/dryer are unhooked.  Pray that we finish the task on Saturday so Matty doesn't have to go out and buy new undies! Hehe! 

To be continued......I'll post "after" pics when we're finally finished!   


  1. We stacked our washer and dryer so no pedestal was needed but if we had, I totally would have played the lurk and pretend helper too! Good luck with the rest of the install. :-)

  2. OMG...well, as jealous as I was of all your gift cards, I certainly am not jealous of this task!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH! Just getting a kick out of picturing you lifting that!! Love you girl!!!!

  3. ASH!! I love that this entire process was documented. How you make things like this interesting is beyond me, but I love this!

  4. you should see what my husband did to the front of my dryer! wasn't pleasant at all or what I said about it!

  5. A-Hole, no usable info. I can use here. Waste of time!